Braille & Large Print Menus:


If you are a restaurant and would like to make all of your guests feel welcome, Have a menu available for your low vision or blind guests. As people age, their eyesight declines. Itís a struggle to keep the feeling of independence, when others have to read the menu for you.


Our menus have both a large print section and a Braille section to help a wide variety of people with visual impairments. Our menus will offer an uncluttered way for low vision users to find exactly what they want, while Braille readers will marvel at how nicely the menu is accurately formatted. Each of our menus will be proofed by an individual who is Nationally Certified in literary Braille.


We hold our products to the highest standards, keeping your guests in mind. Since we are Braille and low vision readers, we know just what to look for.


The pricing for our menus will vary, depending on the time and amount of materials it takes to produce a finished product. You can be assured that our pricing is most competitive. A larger menu will, of course, cost more to produce than a smaller one. Send us your menu in a word document format, and our production time and your cost will be even lower.


Order additional menus and save, since the proofing has already been done. This is great for restaurants with more than one location. When your menu changes, let us know. We can update your menu to reflect your current pricing and menu items.


E-mail us for any questions, or to get an estimate: